Coronavirus Recovery

Budgets are statements of values. As California reels from the budget deficit due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I will fight to protect people over profits. The "new normal" is an opportunity to invest in people and communities that have been historically oppressed. The issues are complex, and we need a values driven Assemblywoman to fight for a fair California.


We live in the 6th largest economy in the world and there should be no barriers for any person to have access to affordable health care. A universal single payer health care system will give families, workers and seniors the quality care they deserve. Health care for all will alleviate the burden for many small business owners, increase productivity, and reduce costly emergency room visits. More and more Californians are recognizing that tying health care access to employers or means testing is not a viable option for the future, as Coronavirus leaves an additional 4 million plus Californians unemployed.

Climate Crisis

We Californians have been experiencing more fires, drought, coastal erosion and flooding every year and these issues can not be ignored. We need to act now and pass bold legislation to fundamentally restructure our economy, drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve California for us and future generations. The Coronavirus pandemic has shown us just how possible it for humans to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Let's get to it.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing ensures that every person can pursue the California dream. We must protect and build affordable, green homes close to jobs and include tenant protections so everyone can afford a safe home. During a global pandemic, our state must not leave our residents without homes. Joblessness is rising, evictions, and homelessness will rise without a compassionate, housing-first intervention from the state.

Preserving Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods deserve protection - from short term vacation rentals, from gentrification, from neglect, and from a changing climate. We can preserve San Diego's neighborhoods by listening to our communities and working together. Coronavirus has changed the face of our neighborhoods, as we keep our distance from one another and cover our faces to show how much we love our neighbors. Let's let this crisis make our neighborhoods stronger, not allow Wall Street firms to snap up properties from struggling businesses and residents.

Protecting human rights in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum

Human rights are often violated during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We in California can do better. Women and pregnant people must have access to culturally, psychologically, and clinically safe care. Coronavirus has brought the issue into the spotlight - families need more options for their care, and must have access to midwives and birth centers to stay safe in all types of emergencies.

Reproductive Justice and LGBTQIA+ Equality

I support access to safe abortion and contraception as well as access to support for building families free from financial, legal, and social barriers. I support full LGBTQIA+ equality and inclusion. Like all "unnatural disasters," Coronavirus and the economic impacts are devastating some communities while leaving others relatively unscathed. We must work in solidarity those who have been oppressed and protect human and civil rights in the "new normal."