Health Care

We live in the 6th largest economy in the world and there should be no barriers for any person to have access to affordable health care. A universal single payer health care system will givefamilies, workers and seniors the quality care they deserve. Health care for all will alleviate the burden for many small business owners, increase productivity, and reduce costly emergency room visits.

Climate Crisis

We Californians have been experiencing more fires, drought, coastal erosion and flooding every year and these issues can not be ignored. We need to act now and pass bold legislation to fundamentally restructure our economy, drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve California for us and future generations.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing ensures that every person can pursue the California dream. We must protect and build affordable, green homes close to jobs and include tenant protections so everyone can afford a safe home.

Preserving Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods deserve protection - from short term vacation rentals, from gentrification, from neglect, and from a changing climate. We can preserve San Diego's neighborhoods by listening to our communities and working together.